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Help - ¿What is the followers ranking?

For each Gamisfaction user we generate a ranking with every person who has interacted with him. The ranking is ordered by the points calculated form the mentions, retweets and follow fridays.

What does the ranking provide

It allows an easy and fast way to detect who are the users who interact the most with you.

As any user can interact with you in Twitter, ther will be users who will follow you and others that don't. It's a useful tool to detect people who are interested un your content, but you didn't know how much they are.

Ranking contents

  • POSITION: The interaction that other users have with you determines their position in the ranking.
  • USER: It shows an user's picture in each position. Clicking in it you can see their Gamisfaction profiles.
  • @: Simbolizes a mentión. It counts how many mentions has received a user.
  • RTs: Short for retweet. It counts how many RTs has received this user.
  • #FF: It's the hashtag tah identifies a follow friday. It counts how many FFs has received this user.
  • POINTS: it's the ammount of points that provides for each mention, RT y FF. Each mention and FF scores 1 point, while each RT scores 3 points. This difference is due to a RT shows a bigger interest for your content.
  • INTERACTS: Shows the user name and available actions.

Ranking update

The date ahown are last month interactions.

The ranking is updates around each hour. If anytime you notice it's taking longer it's due to a temporal Twitter saturation. Come back later :P